Do you want to add something extra to your maternity portrait session? You're in the right place! Keep reading to discover four things I recommend adding to your maternity portraits.

Baby season is my favorite season... ha! Parenthood is a monumental experience in your life! Documenting each stage is something of large importance, as you will always look back on these special moments and think "WOW, where did the time go?" In honor of Mother's Day this year, I just caught myself looking through my maternity and newborn portraits, and an outsider would've caught me in a puddle of tears looking through these. I can't believe time goes by so fast, but I am so thankful I can capture as many moments as possible, not just for myself, but for so many others!

First things first... always bring a sonogram image with you! Maybe some flowers, baby shoes, all mementos are encouraged!

Regardless of whether or not you decide to bring any props to your session, your photographer will be capturing the intimate bond between you and your partner as you prepare to become parents. Maybe you already have children, and they will be photographed showing extra love to that sweet baby belly.

But imagine this: as your baby gets older, you will pack away the baby shoes and the sonogram images. The special items that your baby outgrows will be put into storage. You will even pack away much more than that as they age. Keeping them a part of your maternity portraits will allow you the ability to look back on these mementos at any given time. Especially if you take advantage of creating an heirloom album with your photographer, that will stay on the bookshelf in your home year round!

If you desire portraits that will match the theme of your baby's nursery, we can make it happen! A great example: maybe your little one's nursery theme is wildflowers. Let's incorporate flowers into your portraits, even if it's just a small bouquet! Ask your photographer about what props they have or can offer to you for your session.

Second: definitely have more than one outfit prepared!!

Of course, having an outfit change is up to the discretion of your chosen photographer. I do allow my clients to have an outfit change! Remember to stick with the vibe and vision you have in your head for your photos. Your photographer can recommend some great options to you based on that vision!

A lot of my clients have a casual and then more of a formal option for their portraits. Having more than one outfit can give you more variety in your images. You may also prefer one outfit over the other after seeing it on camera, and you want to feel great! If you're anything like me, you have trouble making a decision sometimes. Having more than one outfit makes that quality a little more manageable for photography!

I highly recommend choosing something you are comfortable in as well!

Side note, I also have a client closet available, with beautiful options that I can vouch photograph wonderfully. All clients can use it free of charge, and it does include maternity dresses. You can find the client closet here:

Next... pick the right location!

So, most of the time, you have a vision in mind for your maternity portraits. It's a vision that you can talk to your photographer about, and they can help you find a great fit for location! Maybe you're going to more than one location to achieve the perfect photo. Maybe you already have a location in mind immediately!! These are all great things!

Finding a fantastic option for your location has a huge impact on the way your portraits turn out! It's okay to admire something indoor or outdoor, in the city or in the country, a large open field or maybe a garden. There is no wrong answer!! Your photographer will guide you in the process of making a choice. Ask he or she for a gallery of images at a few spots to get more of a solid idea of what you're going for. This can make all the difference in how much you like your portraits!

Last, but certainly not least: find a fun activity to participate in during your portrait session!

This is such a versatile addition, because it can quite literally be anything you enjoy, or anything that's special to you as a couple! Maybe you met at a restaurant or a store, and you want portraits in that spot too. Maybe you and your partner love to have picnics or dance in the rain... let's incorporate it! Your photographer can make it happen!!! Me personally, I am up for anything!

One of my most recent maternity sessions happened with McKinlee and Seth. They were lucky enough to feed ducks nearby while we took photos. It was a special activity that they will remember forever, and added a little more love to their session.

I highly recommend photographing something that is YOU, before you move into this new life stage of parenthood. It's one of the biggest changes of your life! But definitely the most rewarding. You will still look back and love to reminisce on these special days.

If you have any questions, and you're interested in a maternity portrait session, you can contact me here!