The future Mr. and Mrs. Taylor!

This wonderful couple gets married in November at The Farm on Groometown in Greensboro, North Carolina!! Savannah and Trenton just bought their first home and are loving their life together. They also enjoy cooking and going to the gym together as much as possible!!

When we hopped on our first phone call together, Savannah and Trenton had the most perfect engagement session vision right off the bat... a mix of urban and rural in one session. I was completely on board with this as all the possible magic we could create started floating through my head!! A little bit of city, a little bit of country. Chef's kiss!!! We immediately connected and I was thrilled when they decided to book me as their wedding photographer!!

We started off at the Old Guilford County Courthouse in downtown Greensboro before heading back to the wedding venue for the most fun engagement session! Let me tell y'all... this was in April but it felt like January! It was COLD, especially with all of the crazy wind we had! Even with the chilly weather, Savannah and Trenton were still 100 percent involved. You can't even tell it was so cold in their photos, so I seriously want to give them a huge round of applause for it. These images turned out so classy and romantic, yet exciting and luxurious!

These two are so, so amazing! They connect so genuinely on another level and you can feel it when you're around them. The love is truly in the air! Not to mention they are kind and clearly so comfortable in front of the camera. I am thankful for their patience as we planned everything and watched it play out!!! I absolutely cannot wait to capture the next part of their story in a few months!!

Venues again:

Old Guilford County Courthouse

The Farm on Groometown