If you know me, you know I try everything I can to make family portraits easy...

We play all the games with children. Ring around the rosey, throwing your kiddo up in the air, tickle fights, and more.

When Jessica told me about her awesome idea for family photos this year... I was 100 percent supportive of it!!! Absolutely could not wait to capture these moments in such a meaningful way for a family I truly treasure. I knew her idea would work SO well to keep her children at bay for an hour long session!

What  an absolute joy it was to work with the kind, beautiful Ward family again. They own A Fairview Farm in Asheboro, North Carolina, and if you haven't visited yet you are missing out!! I love all the fun events they do each year. The farms exudes the right dose of fall goodness needed this season! Jessica and Eric are the best business owners and parents! They are raising such a well rounded group of kiddos.

I was so excited about the new approach to these family photos. We all know sometimes it can be tricky to get our little ones to cooperate for an entire family portrait session... well, what if it's actually something they can enjoy? Yes, I really mean enjoy it. The chance  to have a more personable experience for a family portrait session too. The Ward children were given the option to take solo shots with their own interests and hobbies!! Sports, activities, extracurriculars... What an amazing idea that makes children excited for family photos!!! Something to look forward to! PS - even dad included his beloved blazer in the photos, ha!

Big Brother showcased his favorite things to do: fishing, football, and golf. Little Brother loved zooming around with his toy trucks! Sister was a complete model as she rode around on her beloved  horse. This was such a wonderful way to represent their personalities... which is the ultimate goal of family portraits right?

While its no secret younger kids arent always the most thrilled to have their pictures taken (relatable!) it always helps to have a way to actively engage them in their photos. As a photographer, I always strive to make photos fun, with lots of movement and activities to keep your children happy. Photo sessions like these serve a perfect opportunity to  have them both engaged and give them an incentive to act their best for photos too!

This undoubtedly is a great way to showcase their own individual captivating personalities and once again, it was such a joy to work with (family name). They were so easy going and willing to try anything! 

Now is always the time for a family photo session! If you’re  hesitant at all dont feel afraid to reach out to me and we can discuss it! Im completely willing to make the experience personal for you and how you want it! :)