You're about to get married and you're just not sure if an extra bridal portrait session is necessary for you or not...

Let's talk about it!!! Here's my top reasons why I recommend bridal portraits!

It may seem cliche, like an old tradition. But it's a tradition I truly support, and here's why!

Logan at Willstella Farm in Kernersville, North Carolina

First and foremost...

If you're someone that likes to be extra prepared, then bridal portraits are a great way to utilize a trial run for hair, makeup, and florals!! Think about it this way, if you don't like your hair or makeup as much as you thought you would when you first imagined your vision, this is your chance to change it before the wedding day!! This is better than it happening at your wedding, which may cause added stress you simply don't need on the most important day of your life.

"I have never felt more beautiful in my life than seeing my wedding look come to life in the photos you took and being able to display that at my wedding of everyone was priceless, plus it gave me so much more time for family photos at the wedding and decorations for my husband's office! So many pros. They gave me a chance to really take in the wedding venue in a low stress environment as well."


Caroline at Highgrove Estate in Fuquay Varina, NC


Your wedding day goes by faster than you expect it to!! We always plan a timeline and try our best to stick to it, but sometimes getting ready takes longer than expected. This may mean we have to majorly cut down the already short amount of time set aside for bridals. To avoid this, having bridal portraits before your wedding day gives us plenty of time to capture everything you want to in your wedding gown!! And fulfills every girl's dream growing up. Let's take advantage of this extra time that you otherwise will not have on your wedding day!

Emma at Twin Lakes Christian Camp in Asheboro, NC

Think of the extra images and location options you'll receive!!

Some brides desire to take bridal portraits at their wedding day venue, and others choose something different that they won't get to see on the wedding day! Even on your wedding day, we won't have time to hit every single gorgeous photo spot at your venue... although there's plenty of times I wish we did! So a bridal portrait session just gives you more time to focus on those extra photos you will truly cherish.

Kenleigh at The Southern Dream in Gibson, NC


A bridal portrait session is something that is a gift to yourself. It's empowering and will instill another level of confidence in you before your wedding day. Seeing ahead of time how stunning you truly are will make you feel absolutely wonderful on the biggest day of your life!!! You deserve that feeling, and you deserve to feel it more than once too.


"I LOVED my bridal session!! My photographer made me feel like the Rihanna song, the only girl in the world! I was a little hesitant about having it but I'm so glad I did. Throughout the whole planning process (makeup artist, dress, hairdresser, accessories, etc.) my bridal session felt like a little reward where it was just about me and capturing the finished product of all the planning."


Locations pictured above, listed top to bottom:

Willstella Farm in Kernersville, NC

Winter Wood Farm in Sparta, NC

Covington Gardens in Pleasant Garden, NC

Harvest House in Ramseur, NC

T Austin Finch House in Thomasville, NC

Tanglewood Manor House in Clemmons, NC

Pinehurst Country Club in Pinehurst, NC

Private churches