The idea that I get to follow around and photograph a couple who's madly in love, in the places that mean the most to them... golden :)

September 2024, here we come!

We all know that engagement portraits is one of the first big steps of wedding planning!! When Alexis, Nick, and I first connected we were quick to schedule engagement portraits on the calendar! They were so excited to celebrate this engagement and get save the dates ordered before the holidays. Alexis and Nick had an immediate vision in mind and I loved it! The best part of their session: it resonated with who they are and the places they love.

We started the morning at the Pinehurst Carolina Hotel... a location that is stunning at every corner! We spent half our time there before heading across the street to the Pinehurst Country Club, also a high quality spot for photography. These venues make Alexis and Nick happy, and it shows on their faces in their images. Keep in mind, we had an early morning, and it was a hundred percent worth it! The best lighting surrounded us everywhere we went. They were dressed to impress in the best way, I'm literally obsessed with their outfits!

Alexis and Nick are easygoing yet upbeat, and clearly so in love! It was honestly a joy working with this couple and I am so excited to be able to celebrate their wedding next year!! What an honor it is to be present for this important milestone in their lives!

These two sweeties headed straight to church and breakfast after our session... the very best way to kick off a Sunday. I also feel like this takes part in describing who they are as a couple!! Get ready because these photos are so dreamy... I can't even contain the excitement!