After all, the rain is a reminder for things to grow, right?

Mallorie and Garth: a sweet, kind, loving couple that I had the absolute honor of working with last weekend. They are the epitome of a happy couple, and they're eloping in Hawaii next year!!! How exciting is that?! They will essentially be getting married on their honeymoon... which is a dream. The Little Chapel at Haven Ridge in Winston Salem made the perfect spot for their engagement portraits, since they are not having a traditional church wedding. Mallorie and Garth really felt like this gave them everything they could want in their entire wedding day package.

The Little Chapel is one of my favorite spots for portrait sessions. It's elegant, charming, and placed right on the most stunning set of meadows you'll ever see. The details here are unlike any other, and the chapel itself has been carved and created straight from the heart. The opportunities for photo spots here are endless!

We started off our session by praying for the weather to stay clear during the hour time frame we were present! It was cloudy but that is definitely manageable, and we hoped that the storm would pass right over us. We started portraits near the waterfall and then went back up to the beautiful chapel. I loved the chance to get to know Mallorie and Garth a little more during their portraits!! They interact so well together on camera and were completely excited for every prompt I threw their way!

During Mallorie and Garth's outfit change, the rain started! It sprinkled at first and then eventually went into more of a downpour. Luckily, I am a photographer who tries to bring her clear umbrella EVERYWHERE when the weather looks a little unreliable. Also a rain cover for my camera - can't take any chances ruining that either of course ;)

It's not often that clients are okay with the rain during their photos (very understandably). However, although Mallorie and Garth were not thrilled about the rain, they did not want to end the session early and were so easygoing about it all!! Not a single complaint from either of them, and I am so thankful we were still able to capture their memories in the happiest way without the damper of rain coming down!

I hope you enjoy these gorgeous images as much as I did... and remember that even in the rain, things can be beautiful! Rain is about growth, which is a great sign and extra good luck :)