"When You're A Kid, You Assume Your Parents Are Soulmates. My Kids Are Gonna Be Right About That."

One of many quotes used to resonate with this amazing wedding day...

Mr. and Mrs. Spruill have tied the knot!!! This day was most definitely a day to remember, and one that every person present will not forget. I was honored when Joylyn reached out to me about wedding photography, and after talking with her and Aaron, I knew they were meant to be. They got married at the absolutely stunning Winter Wood Farm in Sparta, NC - an ideal venue for every single season! The views are indescribable, the reception area is top notch, and the staff are absolutely wonderful.

We started our day with lots of CALM, believe it or not! Everyone was so excited and it was clear that nerves were not an issue! Before the ceremony, Joylyn and Aaron shared a touching first look followed by a sweet first look between bride and her father as well. It's always an honor to observe such special moments.

For the ceremony, the bride's father actually officiated! This made the wedding day so much more special for everyone present. He did a phenomenal job, and there wasn't a dry eye around listening to his pure love and guidance radiating through his words. The groom cried tears of pure joy watching his bride walk down the aisle. Joylyn and Aaron also wrote their own vows, another touching sentiment added to this moment. I have to say, the ceremony was one of the most heartfelt, loving, and beautiful experiences I've ever witnessed.

After capturing the most stunning moments on top of one of the most gorgeous mountain views I've ever seen, we started such a fun reception! Dinner was chicken and waffles (YUM and so unique for a wedding - I LOVED it!), we had more sincere toasts, cake cutting, dancing, and an exciting sparkler send off for the happy couple.

Overall, the day was so smooth and happy. So genuine... and it's always a relief to be surrounded by so many who are truly supportive of bride and groom. It was an absolute honor to be present on such an amazing day!

Venue: Winter Wood Farm, Sparta NC