Kameo & Zach

When Kameo reached out to me looking for a photographer for her September 2023 wedding, I almost bounced off my chair in excitement! Y'all know how much wedding inquiries mean to me. I want you to know that I truly care about my couples and their happiness, it's not just a business for me! After booking, we got to work immediately on scheduling an engagement session for the future Mr. and Mrs. Beaver!

Kameo and Zach met in 2018, and he proposed earlier this year!! Their engagement session was SO much fun. We spent time getting to know each other, and I loved hearing about the wedding planning! I don't want to spoil anything but there are big plans ahead for a beautiful day!

I could feel how in love these two were just be being near them. I was even more excited when their sweet pup Hazel showed up too!! She was timid but oh so sweet, and by the end of the session she even let me pet her! Side note: if you ask if you can bring a pet to a session, the answer is yes; always yes! I strongly encourage you to bring pets or activities that are important to you. They make your sessions that much more special!

If you want me to get started on their outfits... love love love the neutrals!!! YES. Neutrals always photograph so well, and they're perfect for the photos you're going to hang in your home year round!! My engagement sessions do include an outfit change if desired, but Kameo and Zach didn't need one. They looked perfect! They rocked it with the outfit choices, and they were so well suited to their true selves!!

We walked around the blue loop at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh for their photos, and this is always a tough one ONLY because there are so many great options for photos!!! I feel like we run out of time before we can get to every spot I'd love to put my subjects in! I highly recommend this location for an engagement session. It has the best of both worlds if you desire it - urban and rural.

We added adorable little Hazel into the photos as much as possible, and in-between takes she was definitely jealous!! You could hear sweet pup-singing when she had to watch mom and dad from a distance. It's no surprise that she is most definitely loved!!!

Clearly, we had an overcast sky, but let me tell you a secret in case you didn't already know: you don't need sun when you have a couple this bright on a cloudy day. They make their own light!! I mean just LOOK at their beautiful faces! Enjoy my favorites (which is quite a few... almost the entire gallery haha!) from this session below. Congratulations Kameo and Zach!!! I am beyond excited for you to get married next year!