"Your spouse is the only person who chooses you, who truly loves you for who you are. You don't get to choose your family; your parents, your siblings. But you do get to choose the person you want to spend the rest of your life with."

Similar sentiments spoken by the groom during his vows at the most touching ceremony. There wasn't a dry eye in the room listening to both the bride and the groom's promises to each other. There's something so genuine about written vows.

There are so many things to say about Mr. and Mrs. Beaver. They are genuine, kind, and so very giving. It's clear that family, friends, and their pets truly mean so much in their lives. Kameo and Zach's wedding day resonated so much with who they are, and I could mention an endless number of details that really stand out in my mind. From the unique unity ceremony and spice favors to the heartfelt vows and beaver figurines... This day kept me in my feels and we had a blast celebrating!

The ceremony and reception took place at Chatham Station in downtown Cary, North Carolina! It's a historic and repurposed venue that is perfect for couples who envision an industrial feel to their wedding day. The indoor stone wall are surrounding wall windows for extra light are a plus!!

Upon my arrival, everyone was feeling calm yet anxious to finally get down the aisle!! Kameo and Zach really stressed to me ahead of time how important they found it to be present for cocktail hour. So thankfully, we were able to take as many formal photos as possible before the ceremony to achieve this goal!! I am always so happy to make wishes come true. Your day should be exactly as you want it to be.

Touching ceremony, delicious comfort food, and a few heartwarming toasts later... we were able to start the party!!! Bride and groom spent the entire repletion on the dance floor, soaking in every moment of this gorgeous day. There aren't enough words to describe how perfect of a day we truly had! Although it rained just a little bit, we chalked it up to extra good luck!

Special touches I found to be absolutely amazing:

The Unity Ceremony! Kameo and Zach love to cook, and they decided to uniquely pour spices into one jar to represent their unity and commitment to one another. What a special way to represent not only joining together as one, but also something that represents who you are.

The favors!!! "Beavers' Dam Good Spices" filled the tables so guests were able to season their food with a little extra sprinkle of love.

Mr. and Mrs. Beaver... the actual beaver figurines! Absolutely adorable and something to keep forever!

Andia's Ice Cream! In place of a cake, Kameo and Zach chose a non-traditional dessert item that was a huge hit. Delicious donut sundaes with extra toppings?! Ummm, yes please!!

Fairytale Exit!! After walking out to all guests holding glow wands, the new Mr. and Mrs. left in a carriage straight from a fairytale! I can't imagine anything sweeter!

However, nothing stood out more than the bride and groom on such a momentous day. I am unbelievably thankful to have been part of it, and to have the relationship that I do with Kameo and Zach. They are absolutely wonderful people, and I wish them all the best and more for years to come.

Vendor Team

Venue: Chatham Station

Planner: Blue Otter Weddings

Catering: Cannon Catering

DJ: Dj Ones - Natalie and DJ Ava

Hair and Makeup: Makeup and More by Jen

Rentals: Curated Events Raleigh

Transportration: Souther Charm Carriages

Dessert: Andia's Ice Cream

Photography: Megan Allred Photography LLC