Branding portrait photography located in Central North Carolina!

"I'm just as obsessed with these as I thought I would be. Thank you so much!!!"
"I promised myself that in 2024, I will be better about marketing myself"
"YES MA'AM you did the thing. I love them!!!"

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, I know how hard you work day in and day out to live out or strive towards every goal you've set for yourself.

And the thing is... you deserve to be celebrated. You should look and feel professional, successful, and proud of where you're at. Let's create that space for you!!! Your branding portraits can be used on your website, for advertising and marketing, business cards, and more! They never go to waste!

Branding portraits and headshots bring professional characteristics into your business or occupation. These portraits provide a visual representation of what you offer and your unique style! And most importantly, they give you confidence to excel and grow.

If there's one thing I love, it's supporting others. Community over competition goes a long way in our world, and I'm here to help you look your very best! Whether it's just for yourself, or a group of employees, or just to represent your business.

As a business owner who has learned from other professionals, it's become exceedingly clear to me how important branding photography is. Investing in yourself is the only way to elevate your business. One thing that has helped my business grow is to show myself and my art in my own unique ways - and branding portraits allow you to do that!!! Tell me about your career path and what it means to you so we can capture it on camera!

I couldn't wait to share my most recent branding portrait session with all of you... Hannah is literally amazing! Her talent and personality is unmatched! When she reached out to me about her vision, the most important quality from these portraits that she wanted was to do something different, to stand out! And we made it happen. It was honestly effortless on her part, because she's genuinely a star and that shows in her photos. We threw in a spotlight, disco balls, and all the things that represented Hannah as a professional in the hair industry who loves what she does!

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did! Just looking at these makes my want to laugh with Hannah because her bright smile is contagious. Please go follow Hannah on instagram at @_hairbyhannn for updates about her openings and more!!! So proud of all the success she's made for herself through her hard work!

You can also find more of my branding photography portfolio at this link: https://meganallredphotography.mypixieset.com/new-page-4/